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Warranty Information





Warranty Limitations on Carburetor

The Carbs Unlimited and Performance provides a 6 month warranty against remanufacturing defects and workmanship. This warranty is non-transferable to subsequent owners of the vehicle and applies only to the vehicle on which the carburetor is originally installed. The customer must present the original sales invoice receipt before warranty service will be provided.

Carburetors requiring warranty work must be returned directly to the Carbs Unlimited and Performance. Carbs Unlimited and Performance, at their sole discression, may elect to replace or rebuild the unit under warranty. No credits or refunds will be made at any time. Customers are required to obtain advanced authorization to return a carburetor for warranty work.

Carbs Unlimited and Performance does not warranty improper installation or application of the carburetor unless the work is performed at our facility by our technicians. Carbs Unlimited and Performance assumes no liability and will not pay for labor, damage, rental car, hotel, towing and /or any other ancillary costs arising from the use of the carburetor.

There are many reasons that a vehicle may not pass emissions. Carbs Unlimited and Performance does not warranty that the carburetor, in and of itself, will solve all conditions necessary for a vehicle to pass emission requirements.

This warranty does not apply to defects created by misuse, negligence, collisions or other unreasonable use including, but not limited to improper installation or application of the product.

Any tamper seals found to be broken will void the warranty. All warranty repair work must be done by Carbs Unlimited and Performance technicians. Opening of the carburetor by someone other than a Carbs Unlimited and Performance technician will void the warranty.

Returned carburetors found to be contaminated with rust, dirt, varnish, and/or any other types of contamination will automatically void the warranty. Due to the age of the vehicles the carburetors are typically installed on we recommend the use of gas filters.


Warranty Limitations On Auto Repair

Carbs Unlimited and Performance will warranty all repairs for 6 months (commencing on the date of the customer's original invoice) against defective parts and workmanship, provided the vehicle has been properly driven and maintained according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule.

This warranty excludes used parts, or parts not purchased from Carbs Unlimited and Performance. Carbs Unlimited and Performance will warranty only the defective parts or labor and is not liable for incidental damages beyond the defective parts or labor.

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