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Carburetors Unlimited and Performance 425-251-0210

(425) 251-0210

Automotive Chassis Dyno


Get your street rod, muscle car, race car, late model, truck, or import on our chassis dyno. We specialize in fine tuning, emissions problems, or maximum horse power readout. Make your appointment now!


How much horsepower and torque does your car pump out?  Or how much does a power aftermarket part really give your car?  The DynoJet Dynamometer is a performance diagnostic tool which is used to accurately and simultaneously measure the rear wheel horse power, torque, speed, and RPM of any two wheel drive vehicle. It can accurately test from as little as 20 horsepower, and up to as high as 1500 + horsepower and up to 200 MPH. It allows us to safely duplicate the best road testing under ideal conditions, with reliability, consistency and Safety in mind.


Carbs Unlimited and Performance uses the state of the art DynoJet Chassis Dynamometer to tune and diagnose your engine to extract its full potential, drivability and overall performance with wideband 02, analog reading capabilities, fuel pressure and boost readings. 



· Performance Analysis

· Diagnostic Testing

· Fuel System Analysis

· Intermittent Problem Testing

· Special (Off - Highway) Application Tuning

· Transmission Shift Point Analysis and Adjustment

· Carburetor Tuning (on car)



Baseline Acceleration Pull:
This is suited for the customer who wants to measure the baseline performance of their vehicle, or before future performance modifications are performed.(no tuning)

Session Includes:
Vehicle hook-up and disconnection
2 accurate chassis dyno acceleration pulls
Printed power output graphs graphically or numerically
Price: $65.00  By Appointment Only

Each additional acceleration pull after the initial two are $10.00 each


Vehicle Dyno Tuning:
This option is designed for individuals or us that have completed performance modifications to the vehicle and request that we perform tuning that maximizes the power output and drivability of their vehicle.

Dyno Tuning Per Hour Includes:
Vehicle hook-up and disconnection
Unlimited accurate chassis dyno pulls
Use of our wideband air/fuel ratio sensor during pulls
Printed power output graphs graphically or numerically
Price: $108.00 an Hour  By Appointment Only


1977 Chevy Nova on a Dyno Run 

 1977 Chevy Nova on a Dyno Run 

DynoJet Readings with free printout


18727 East Valley Highway South Suite A
Kent, Washington 98032
(425) 251-0210
Monday thru Friday 8:00 to 5:00pm
Tuesdays 8:00 to 4:00pm


We Accept Visa  We Accept Visa     

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